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Culinary Experience Market

2020 - WMF



For its presence at Ambiente trade fair WMF requires a brand-appropriate furniture- and communication concept for its existing booth architecture. A product-related, targeted emotionalizaion of individual highlights can bring the brand values down to the smallest detail on the stand.

The brand captivates visitors at the Ambiente in Frankfurt with the »WMF Culinary Experience Market« and offers them an immersive experience of a premium marketplace.

The concept allows WMF to present the various product groups and themes such as Preparing, Cooking, Dining & Drinking in a single, coherent look. At the same time, the respective communication zones offer the visitors orientation and clearly convey information about the products.

The focus of this year’s show is on the highlight products »Fusiontec« and »Craftsmanship«, whose presentation accentuate both the brand’s innovative strength and its exceptional standard of quality. The experience is rounded off with two visitor activations on the subject of sustainability and the culinary display in the show kitchen.

©️ a project with DFROST Retail Identity


The inviting gesture of food market stalls is combined with the materials and look & feel of WMF imagery to create an outstanding, high quality but authentic and approachable fair presentation. A premium market surrounded by fresh herbal plants and decorated with selected kitchen tools.

highlight furniture

One of WMF’s key product lines in 2020 was the Fusiontec series, which was staged by showing the unique production process, in which certain materials are fused together to achieve the outstanding product properties.

fusiontec demobox

For WMF personnel and sales staff to demonstrate the different layers of the Fusiontec cookware, a Demobox was designed and prototyped, later even in serial production.

WMF Hydration Bottle
Visitor Activation
„Cycling for a Good Cause“

Promoters invite the visitors to hop onto a city bike and drive 1 kilometer to win a WMF Hydration Bottle. Each kilometer driven is transferred into a 5€ money donation to the water initiative „Viva con Agua“, who are committed to clean drinking water worldwide in several countries, in cooperation with many other initiatives, one of them being Welthungerhilfe.