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Mobile Dry Diversion Toilet



The exhibition design was planned and built together with Antonia Dürig and Lisa Dautel, members of the Urban Design Studio in the summer semester 2018 at the Chair of Urban Design (ABK Stuttgart). Their semester project was called „Urbanizing Ethiopia. Hawassa“ and therefore the context was very similar, so it seemed appropriate to exhibit together in one room.

The aim of the MDDT exhibition was to show a prototype, aswell as its system and implementing context in form of panels and a Context Study, and have a donation box to help financing the on-site research workshop in Addis Abeba with a prototype.

It was part of my duties to coordinate and manage budget, prototyping of the basic module (built by Kai Bullach and Lenn Gerlach) and technical realization (support by Thomas Weiss).

I developed the exhibition content and graphic design, as well
as an interactive donation box.

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Exhibition Concept

The idea was to have a very simple
and low-tech frame construction,
onto which the panels can be attached.
The first concept of „endless plans“ has been discarded and we then agreed
on DIN A1 and DIN A2 drawings.

We used roof battens and simply clamped them between floor and ceiling, as the room height was only 2500mm.

Interactive Donation Box

To explain the purpose of the donations to the visitors, and let them see who exactly will profit,  the precise implementation site for Ethiopia  was shown. The first testing site for the Mobile Dry Diversion Toilet in Addis will be the hopeful river community. Additionally, to have an immediate feedback that every Euro can help, an interaction was developed. With every coin and
every banknote thrown into the box, a new toilet appeared on the screen, symbolizing its impact.