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Mobile Dry Diversion Toilet



On-site research workshop of the Mobile Dry Diversion Toilet in Lagos/Nigeria

This interactive workshop was supposed to develop solutions to still unsolved issues of the „Mobile Dry Diversion Toilet“ for an implementation in Lagos. These have to be developed specifically for every community (in this case the Ifelodun community), and are regarding product design as well as governance topics.
These solutions can only be found when working hand-in-hand with members of the community, and only if they are willing to engage in a long-term process.

Yewande Morris (Fabulous Urban),
Melissa Acker,
the Chief , the Chairman and the Baale of the Ifelodun community, several community members of Ajeromi-Ifelodun community, three professionalists, Monika Umunna of Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Nigeria

workshop planning & participation,
documentation & analysis

©️ All rights reserved.

©️ Melissa Acker
©️ Melissa Acker

©️ Melissa Acker
  • Day 01: introduction by Monika Umunna of hbs Nigeria, presentation of the project by Fabienne Hoelzel and Melissa Acker, translated by Yewande Morris
  • Day 02: discussion about unsolved issues and possible solutions within the community in a smaller group, including the Chief, the Chairman and the Baale of the Ifelodun community
  • Day 03: set-up of an in Lagos pre-manufactured mock-up, discussion and later transport and set-up of the mock-up on-site within the community
  • Day 04: further development of the prototype on-site
  • Day 05: final presentation with more community members invited, inauguration of the mock-up on-site


Since its start at Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design, the project has been successfully carried on by FABULOUS URBAN / Fabienne Hoelzel.

As of March 2023, 21 toilets are in daily use and monitored on a weekly basis, especially with regard to the maintenance and waste disposal process.


Six families in Ifelodun (Lagos), One family in Abete-Ijora (Lagos), Four families in Oworonshoki (Lagos), Three families in Abete-Ijora (Lagos), Two families in Orile (Lagos), Two families in Sari Iganmu (Lagos), One familiy in Amukoko (Lagos), One elementary school in Amukoko (Lagos)

Current team:
Fabienne Hoelzel, Yewande Morris, Olufemi Atibioke, Seun Gbogboade, Aro Ismaila

Design and governance research, phase 1 and 2:
Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design

Project lead and project initiation, all phases:
Chair of Urban Design, Prof. Fabienne Hoelzel

Industrial design research:
Chair of Industrial Design, Prof. Uwe Fischer, phase 1

Industrial design, phase 2 and 3:
Office Uwe Fischer

Funding of design research phase until July 2018, phase 1:
Baden Württemberg Ministery of Science, Research, and Arts

Funding of design research phase until July 2018, phase 1:
Baden-Württemberg Ministry for Environment, Climate, and Energy

Technical consultancy, phase 1:
Eawag-Sandec/ Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich

Academic partner, phase 2:
EiABC Addis Abeba, Ethiopia

Community evaluation of test mock-up, phase 2 and 3:
Ajeromi-Ifelodun community, Lagos

Community evaluation of test mock-up, phase 2:
Aware Community, Addis Abeba

Funding of the Lagos Workshop, August 2018, phase 2:
Heinrich Böll Stiftung Nigeria

Academic partner, phase 2:
Covenant University, Ogun state, Nigeria

Funding of prototype construction for the field tests, phase 3:
Consulate-General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Nigeria

Organization of crowdfunding, phase 3:
I care for you

Industrial prototyping and production of optimized toilet interface:
Illig Maschinenbau, Heilbronn, Germany

Funding of industrial prototyping and optimized toilet interface,
and implementation of 20 improved MDDTs, phase 4:
Private Swiss Foundation

Fully functional prototype in Ifelodun (Lagos), tested from September 2019 to February 2020 in monitored 6-month field trials with mostly positive findings. Two prototypes of this series continue to be in daily use.
Beneficiary family in Ifelodun (Lagos) with the project team of phase 3