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WS 2016/17 - ABK ID



„plop“ is a fashion collection consisting of three objects, inspired by encasing materials.

The project criticizes the consumer- and throwaway society, in which single-use products still continue to exist in many areas. 

The link created here between the fashion and packaging industries takes a particularly critical stance on fast fashion, where garments are little more than a disposable, low-quality products – no more than disposable packaging for the body.

The aim was to imitate the look of cheap, non-textile materials, which normally are of totally functional and non-aesthetic origin. Bubble wrap, rescue blankets and acoustic foam were focused because their original qualities can be conceptionally transferred into fashion: packaging materials wrap objects, rescue blankets protect people, acoustic foam isolates – clothes are encasing, protecting and warming bodies.

The imitation with more durable materials creates a brief moment of irritation and is thus intended to stimulate thought and reflection.

with Laura Velasco

supervised by Prof. Winfried Scheuer

©️ All rights reserved.

Gold and Silver

Gold to the outside, silver to the inside – that’s the way rescue blankets are used to warm someone – which a jacket is also supposed to do.


Functional details like zip fastener, eyelets, cords and cord stoppers enable an easy, intuitive handling and width adjustment.

Shoe Sole

The structure of acoustic foam transferred into a polyurethane rubber molding makes a nice footprint.