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As traditional project of ABK Stuttgart’s Industrial Design first semester, the goal of this project was to design and implement an innovative razor, compatible with the Gilette GII razor blades.

mathematical construction
The pipe-like form offers a comfortable, dynamic use without cutting edges. The apparently chaotic look is mathematically defined and gives grip whereby the danger of dropping it accidentially is reduced. It consists of a few helixes which all have different acclivities and coincide in nodal points. These give stability to the filigrane construction.

metal sintering
„SKETCH“ is forward-looking by being realized in rapid
prototyping. The technique of metal sintering makes it stable and ruggedized. On top of this it is material-saving in contrast to other methods where lots of waste material is thrown away.

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The shape of packaging is derived from the razor: an oval-shaped transluthirdpolar white acrylic glass bottom and a transparent vivak cap, which profile is tailored to the lateral view of the razor, give enough place to the model to act. The attachment is ensured due to an clip on-mechanism because of a rebate in the bottom.

The choice of the colour black is substantiated in maintaining the concept – sketchiness and masculinity.